Cookie policy

Cookie policy

This website uses cookies to see how the site is used. This cookie policy informs you

  • what cookies are,
  • How cookies are used on the website
  • How you can influence the use of cookies

1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded on your computer or other devices when you visit a website. On each visit they are sent back to theoriginating website or to another, third-party, website that can recognise that cookie. With the help of cookies, we can for example recognise your device when you return to our website and we will remember your preferences and choices you have made to improve the user experience and optimize our marketing on our website or other possible services.


2. Cookies that we use

Our website uses different types of cookies. They can be categorized by their running time and purpose of use. Cookies that we use are either temporary or permanent by their running time. Temporary cookies are kept only until you close your browser. We also use cookies that are permanent and stay longer, until a predetermined time span.


Necessary cookies

Some cookies are necessary because they are used to ensure the technical functions and ease of use on the website. These cookies do not collect any customer information that could be utilized in marketing or could remember the choices the visitor has made on the website.


Performance cookies

Our performance cookies collect information about how visitors use our website, for instance which pages visitors go to most often. These cookies don’ t collect information that identifies a visitor and are therefore anonymous. These cookies are only used to improve how the website works. Our website uses Google Analytics cookies. The information these cookies collect is transferred and saved on service provider’s servers. Some of these servers might be located outside of the European Union and to these servers applies the local privacy legislation in this case.


Functionality cookies

With the help of functionality cookies, the website remembers choices you have made (for example language or region) and we are able to provide you with better and more personal features.


Third-party cookies

Our website has buttons that help sharing your website content to different types of online communication forums and social media. If you use these buttons, the service provider may set a cookie on your device. These cookies are not in our control. To read more about the third-party cookies please visit the website by the service provider.

Our website might accept third-party service provider’s cookies. These service providers may include be for example Facebook and Google.


3. How to control cookies?

Most of the browsers accept cookies but you are usually able to change these browser settings and reject new cookies, delete previously accepted cookies or ask for a notification when new cookies are being saved.

If you want to prevent your browser from saving the cookies, you must adjust the browser settings with the help of guides provided by the browser provider. Usually these settings can be changed in guide or tools menu.

If you refuse cookies or delete them, some of functionalities of our website may become unavailable to you. Refusing cookies does not delete the cookie from your browser, but you must do it yourself from the browser settings. Your browser provider will serve you with these instructions.


4. Changes

If there are any changes made in our cookie policy, we will inform you about it on this page. We may emphasize these changes also on our website.